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Lola and Bear bowls are hand cast using concrete which is a natural material. Therefore, variations in texture and colour are to be expected, making your bowl as unique as your pet. We chose to produce our bowls from concrete, due to its durable and long-lasting nature. Our bowls are part square and part oval meaning basically, it's the best of both worlds The weight of the bowl prevents it moving around during mealtimes- ideal for messy or mischievous eaters! 


-Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

-All bowls are made with a food safe sealant



27cm x 23 cm

10cm high

15mm rim size

8cm Depth of the inside of the bowl





How do I clean the bowls?

Use a soft (non-abrasive) cloth and warm soapy water. Do not use in a Dishwasher.


Can I use my bowl in the microwave?

Lola and Bear bowls are not suitable for microwave use.


Can I use a Lola and Bear Bowl outside?

The sealed finish means our bowls are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


The pattern of my bowl looks a bit different from the photos online- why is that?

Each Lola and Bear bowl has a unique finish. Variations in colour and texture are to be expected as typical characteristics of concrete. It makes our bowls.


Concrete Characteristics 


Air can become trapped within the concrete and create small holes on the surface known as air pockets. The size and the amount of these cannot be determined but are perfectly normal.


-Textual flow lines are common, especially in curved items and are a result of your bowl starting life in a liquid state which has been hand poured


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